Product size: 10 x 10 cm; 20 x 20 cm, production speed is 120 pcs/min. Raw materials are spunlace, needle punch and airlaid paper.  Product range includes gauze; baby wipe; cosmetic wipe.

 The spunlace machine width is 160 cm, production speed is 18 - 25 meter/min, product gsm range from 40 to 110 gsm, can produce plane, net, small pearl and big pearl pattern.  can conduct coating, printing to change the performance of the fabric.  Applications include medical; cleaning; cosmetic and hotel etc.

Needle punch machine width 300 cm, production speed 15-20 meter/min, product range from 40- 120 gsm, applications include medicac l, cleaning, cosmetic and filtration.

  Main products are medical cleaning glove, pillow case, disposable shampoo cap and recycle bag

10 ultrasonic machines, with 16.5cm width and 15 cm width, can process spunlace, needle punch, spunbond, air-through bond material, produces cleaning and cosmetic gloves

Associated Fiber Technology(Holdings)Co.,Ltd

The Group imported advanced needle punch and air-through bonded nonwoven machines from Germany, France and Taiwan.  With the state of the art carding, lapping and bonding technologies, the group is granted as the high tech coporation in Shenzhen.  Our products are sold to filtration, automotive, medical, household cleaning markets etc.  We can also tailor-made product to meet customer needs.

Associated Fiber Technology(Holdings)Co.,Ltd

The Group imported most advanced European spunlace machine, becomes one of the leaders in the industry.  Our products are sold to hygiene, industrial cleaning, medical, household cleaing, cosmetic and specialties for unique applications. 

Associated Fiber Technology(Holdings)Co.,Ltd

With the most advanced ultrasonic, folding, cutting and sewing machines, plus the morden management in production, the Group becomes the leader in the industry.  Produces disposable dry gloves, wet gloves, nonwoven rolls, disposbale shampoo cap, wipes and medical guaze.  We can also produce specialty per customer request.


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